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PSP Unbricker Pandora Battery for PSP 1000/2000 (1800mAh/3.6V)

Model: P618

Price: $9.60    Always Free Shipping

Will ship out within 1 - 3 business days
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Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 60g

Product Description

If you have considered hard modding your battery, its much safer to save the hassle and buy this PSP Pandora Battery. It works as many times as you need it to, in case you brick your PSP again.
  • High quality Pandora Battery for PSP 1000 (fat/phat) & PSP 2000(slim)!
  • With PSP Pandora Battery, you can unbrick & downgrade any version psp to version 1.5.
  • Factory pre-modifed as Pandora battery
  • When plugged into an PSP, enables developer/recovery mode in PSP
  • Allows recovering from bad ROM flashes and other bricks
1. this pandora battery forces PSP to enter recovery mode every time the PSP is turned on. It cannot be used as a regular battery for playing games.
Package includes one piece of Unbrick PSP Battery Pack for Sony PSP (generic product).
2. Please do not use DHL express as they do not accept delivery of battery. Use EMS instead as it is equally fast.

What is a Pandora Battery?
This is a normal psp battery turned into a hacking battery for the psp. When inserted, it would load the PSP into service mode. From here, you can either install custom firmware on it, bring it back to 1.5 Sony official firmware or bring a dead PSP back to life (unbricking).

Why would you hack a PSP?
Every PSP comes with Sony's official firmware. So, if you hacked a PSP using Pandora Battery, it would let you install custom firmware and the PSP will be able to run 'homebrew programs' (created by the PSP homebrew community) which is not allowed by Sony. But it is still legal, depending on wad kind of 'homebrew programs' u are running.

Un-brick and downgrade your PSP with Pandora, here is the instructions:

What you need:

1. A PSP with firmware 1.50 or custom firmware.
2. A battery for your psp (generic or official), a spare one if you plan on leaving it a pandora's battery.
3. A Memory Card that you can use with your PSP that has more than 32MB (you can use a micro-sd in a adapter or a sd with a adapter) but less than 4GB.
4. The Pandora's Battery files.
5. The Official PSP Firmware version 1.50.

Pandora Battery Creation Procedure:

1. Turn on the PSP with the battery inside it (not just plugged in).

2. insert mem card you'll be using into the PSP (you will lose the files on the card, so back them up if you want to keep them)

3. Connect the USB cable.

4. on the PSP, go to USB connection.

5. go to 'My computer' on your PC.

6. right click on the drive that is your mem card, we'll call that drive letter X later in the guide, so every X in the guide, replace with your mem card's drive letter.

7. Click 'Format'

8. when the format options window comes up, leave the 'filesystem' as "FAT32" and make sure "Quick Format" is NOT selected (don't worry, flash cards format quickly)

9. Click 'Start' to begin the formatting process.

10. Once that's finished, click 'OK' and close the memory card folder.

11. Now, Extract the Pandora.zip file to c:Pandora

12. Open 'Command Prompt'

13. type cd c:pandora (that's cd space c collon slash pandora slash) and press enter.

14. type cd mspformat (cd space mspformat) and press enter.

15. type mspformat X (mspformat space MEM card drive letter) and press enter.

16. when prompted, press y then enter.

17. once that's complete, minimize the command prompt window (you'll be using it again in a minute).

18. on the PSP, close the USB connection - press o (x in some regions i think).

19. Remove the Mem Card from the PSP.

20. Insert the Mem card back into the PSP.

21. Start USB Connection again on the PSP.

22. On the PC, open the PSP's Memory Card.

23. Create a folder called PSP

24. Open the PSP folder you just created.

25-A. If you have Firmware Version 1.50, Create a Folder Called GAME inside the PSP folder.

25-B. If you have Custom Firmware other than 'Leaked Edition' and your Kernel is set to 1.50 in recovery, create a folder called GAME inside the PSP folder.

25-C. If you have custom firmware other than 'Leaked Edition' and are using a kernel other than 1.50, create a folder called GAME150 inside the PSP folder.

25-D. If you are using the new 'Leaked Edition' firmware, Create a folder called GAME inside the PSP folder.

26. Copy the folders inside the installers 'battery' and 'installer' folders (you should be copying 4 folders) to the GAME or GAME150 folders you just created.

27. Rename your PSP Firmware 1.50 Update file to UPDATE.PBP

28. Copy the File you just renamed UPDATE.PBP to the root of the memory stick (not in any folders, you should see the PSP folder and UPDATE.PBP file in the same part of the memory stick.

39. on the PSP, close the USB connection - press o (x in some regions i think).

30. Remove the Mem Card from the PSP.

31. Turn off the PSP (not in sleep mode, hold the power switch until the PSP is turned off.)

32. Turn the PSP on.

33. Insert the Memory card.

34. On the PSP go to Game

35. On the PSP go to Memory Card and press x (o in some regions).

36. Go to the application called "Pandora's Battery Firm. Installer" and press x (o in some regions)

37. once the application loads, press x.

38. Once your PSP is back on the XMB screen, go back to USB connection and press x

39. open up your command prompt window that should be minimized.

40. type cd .. (that's cd space dot dot) and press enter

41. type cd msinst (cd space msinst) and press enter.

42. type msinst X X:msipl.bin (msinst space Memory Card Drive Letter space memory card drive letter collon slash msispl dot bin) and press enter.

43. On the PSP, close the USB connection.

44. Remove the Memory Card.

45. Turn the PSP off (not in sleep mode, hold the power switch until the PSP is turned off.)

46. Turn the PSP on.

47. Insert the Memory card.

48. On the PSP, go to GAME

49. On the PSP, go to Memory Card and press x

50. Go to the program called "Pandora's Barrety Creator and press x

51. press ^ (triangle) This will backup your battery's eeprom so you can restore it later.

52. the program will exit. Load the program again.

53. this time press x (this will convert your battery to a Pandora's Battery)

54. the program will exit again, remove the memory card.

55. Turn off the PSP

56. Remove the Battery

How to Use The Pandora Battery:

1. Turn your psp off if you're using it.
2. Insert the Memory card you made for repair / downgrading.
3. Insert the Pandora's battery.
4. when the program loads, press x

This will begin the Repair / Upgrade (Downgrade)
To eliminate a question i'm predicting, this procedure WILL patch key 5 if you have TA-082 or higher, so it's safe to downgrade.

Customer Reviews

by Chris Rivera
Date Added: 03/15/2009
Shipping takes forever. My order wasn't shipped until 16 days after I placed it, then another 14 for delivery. Good price, but not recommended if you need it quickly.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 06 October, 2008.

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