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Sigma Alpha X-Sim v3 Unlock

Model: P249

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Product Details

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Product Description


This version will unlock Most GSM phones in the market now and works with 3G cards.

Sigma Alpha X-SIM 3 is made of a very thin piece of FPC (0.10mm) with a Microcontroller mounted on, that goes between your Operatorís SIM card & the phoneís SIM socket.

Because of itís very thin & slim design it fits into almost all phoneís on the market and can also be easily removed again. Itís got Gold Immersion and makes perfect contact with the card and the socket at ALL timesÖ

Follow up:

Cutting of your Operatorís SIM card is required but kept to a minimum. (there are products on the market claiming that no cutting is required to use them, however they donít give a reliable connection between the phone and the SIM card so that in certain cases it might not work at all or you might get problems during usage)

Sigma Alpha X-SIM 3 is a revolutionary do-it-yourself Plug & Play card for unlocking Mobile Phones without the risk of damaging the phone or voiding itís warranty.

Sigma Alpha X-SIM is inserted into the mobile phone in parallel with your Operatorís SIM card and enables you to use your card on phones locked to another provider..

No more Test-Point.. No more opening phones.. No more waiting for logs.. No more Server delays & errors. No more Cracks & illegal hackings.. No more damaged phones.. No more lost warranty because of phone modifications..


* Fully reprogrammable by end user using a simcard reader
* Fully configurable with 10 000 modi - without using a PC
* Works without Test-Point, Computer, logs, Cables or Hacks
* Instant unlocking - Plug & Play
* Safe, secure and cheap key
* Unlocks without loosing the phoneís warranty
* Long lasting and durable solution

Technical Specifications:

* Based on a 0.10 mm thin FPC with gold Immersion
* Micro Controller which can handle all voltages and speeds required in this environment
* Dimensions and contact pattern according to the official ISO-7816 ID000 specifications
* FPC, components and solder tin used are ROHS compliant

Technical Details:

* Does not do any changes to your SIM card or phone (you only have to make a cut in the SIM card)
* Does not influence any communication between the phone and the network and vice versa
* Real time on the fly communication modifications, does not reroute SIM card traffic (Itís transparent to the phone)
* Supports speed enhancement for simcards
* Work with 1.8V, 3V SIM cards
* Works with normal and inverted protocol SIM cards
* Itís slim enough to fit together with your SIM card into most phoneís SIM socket

List of compatiable phones:

Sharp 904 - OK
Sharp 903 - OK
Sharp 550SH - OK
Sharp 770SH - OK
Sharp GX15 - OK
Sharp 920 - OK

Motorola Z3 - OK
Motorola W5 - OK
Motorola Z6 - OK OK
Motorola V600 - OK
Motorola K1 - NO
Motorola A780 - OK
Motorola V3i - NO
Motorola V3R - NO
Motorola V8 - OK
Motorola V547 - OK

Palm Treo 680 - OK

Alcatel OT801 - OK
Alcatel C550 - OK
Alcatel Elle N1 - NO
Alcatel OT201 - OK
Alcatel OT801 - OK
Alcatel C550 - OK

BlackBerry 8820 - OK
BlackBerry 8800 - OK
BlackBerry 8100 - Ok OK OK SIGMA
BlackBerry 8707v - NO
Blackberry 8100 Telcel - Ok

Foma DoCoMo L600i - NO

Huaweii 121 - NO
Huaweii 120 - OK

iPhone 1.2.3. - OK

LG KU 380 - OK
LG U900 - OK
LG CU575 - OK
LG U890 - OK
LG 8360 - OK
LG 8120 - OK
LG KG800 - OK
LG U880 - OK
LG KU250 - OK
LG U250 - OK
LG KG130 - OK
LG B2050 - OK
LG U300 - OK

Lobster 485 - OK

MDA Compact III - OK


Nokia N93i - OK
Nokia 6682 - OK
Nokia 6234 - OK
Nokia N76 - OK
Nokia E70 - OK
Nokia 6500c - OK
Nokia 3500c - OK
Nokia N70 - OK
Nokia 6110navigator - OK
Nokia 5610 - OK
Nokia N95 - OK
Nokia 6500s - OK
Nokia 6151 - OK
Nokia N72 - OK
Nokia E51 - OK
Nokia 5310 - OK
Nokia E50 - OK
Nokia E61 - OK
Nokia 2630 - OK
Nokia N82 - OK
Nokia 6288 - OK
Nokia 6161 - OK
Nokia 3250 - OK
Nokia 1208 - OK
Nokia 1600 - OK
Nokia 6125 - OK
Nokia 2310 - OK
Nokia 6822 - OK
Nokia E60 - OK
Nokia 6080 - OK
Nokia 6120c - OK
Nokia E65 - OK
Nokia 6310i - OK
Nokia N95 8GB - OK OK
Nokia E90 - OK
Nokia 6500 - OK
Nokia 6280 - OK
Nokia 5200 - OK
Nokia N73 - OK
Nokia 6120 - OK
Nokia 6300 - OK
Nokia 3110c - OK
Nokia 6301 - OK
Nokia 7500 Prism - OK
Nokia 5500 - OK
Nokia 6230 - OK
Nokia N93 - OK
Nokia 6136 - OK
Nokia N81 - OK
Nokia N80 - OK

Panasonic X60 - NO

Sagem X3-2 - NO
Sagem my220x - NO
Sagem My-210x - NO
Sagem MyX6-2 - NO
Sagem My-411x - NO
Sagem 201x - NO
Sagem X2-2 - NO
Sagem My-C4 - NO
Sagem X2-2m - OK
Sagem 600x - OK

Samsung X150 - OK
Samsung D600E - OK
Samsung F600 - OK
Samsung P910 - OK
Samsung i600 - OK
Samsung Z170 - OK
Samsung Z240 - OK
Samsung J600 - OK
Samsung SC707 - OK
Samsung F900 - OK
Samsung Z370 - OK
Samsung C260 - OK
Samsung X640 - OK
Samsung X480 - OK
Samsung C450 - OK
Samsung U700 - OK
Samsung L760 - OK
Samsung U600 - OK
Samsung G800 - NO

Siemens A70 OK
Siemens A70 - OK
Siemens A38 - OK
Siemens C65 - OK
Siemens A50 - OK
Siemens S68 - OK

Sonyericsson W380 - OK
SonyEricsson Z750 - OK
SonyEricsson V600i - OK
SonyEricsson j110i - OK
SonyEricsson K300 - OK
SonyEricsson W660i - OK
SonyEricsson W810i - OK
SonyEricsson K700 - OK
Sonyericsson K700I - OK
SonyEricsson T630 - OK
SonyEricsson K310 - OK
SonyEricsson Z310 - OK
SonyEricsson P990i - OK
SonyEricsson K770 - OK
SonyEricsson K510 - OK
SonyEricsson W200 Cut A mode
SonyEricsson V630 - OK
SonyEricsson P1 - OK
SonyEricsson K800 - OK
SonyEricsson K550 = OK
SonyEricsson J220 = OK
SonyEricsson W300i - OK
SonyEricsson T230 - NO
SonyEricsson W580 - OK

SPV SPV3000 - NO
SPV M650 - OK

Toshiba G500 - OK
Toshiba G900 - OK
Toshiba TS705 - OK

Vodafone 810 - NO
Vodafone V710 - OK
Vodafone V715 - OK


*Please note that it might not work on ALL mobile networks in the world. You are encouraged to check with us or do your own research on the internet prior to purchase. Thank you

Set contains:

- Sigma Alpha X-Sim 3 card

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 June, 2008.

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